Advices for Candidates: How to write a CV that will win the recognition of the majority of employers?

Preparing the perfect CV is not as difficult as it seems. First and foremost, it has to interest a future employer by the best presentation of your skills, knowledge and character. The most important task of the curriculum vitae is convincing a potential employer that he should invite you to an interview.

Writing CV

Photo in CV – is it necessary?

The first principle is to place appropriate photo. To draw attention to a potential employer it should not be a photo of your library card or identity card. Resume with inappropriate photo in 90% will go to the group of „indifferent” CVs, where to a rubbish bin is only one throw. Eye contact is the first stimulus, which works on the man and attracts the interest of other person. The image quality should be the best since the best CV must have the best photo. Picture does not necessarily represent your face. To stand out, you can use graphics that reflect your character. What happens when you do not post photos in your resume? Male candidates are not crossed for the lack of photos. At most such CV will be located on the pile of ‚indifferent ‚. The situation of women is unfortunately a bit worse. If you do not post your image is a clear sign, that you might not be too attractive. In this case the CV lands immediately to recycle bin. In the age of beauty-enhancing programs (like Photoshop) and make-up everyone can look good and attractive. Therefore, the lack of a photograph in a women resume is a sign of laziness.

Writing a CV

Your experience – should be well written

To stand out from the crowd, create your story and tell it in your CV. First specify what features are required in the position that you are interested in and analyze whether you have them.

Think about how you can be of interest to the future employer and how you can get to success. Hard work? Show how you earlier climbed up the career ladder. Or maybe you’re charismatic and convincing? Then show in your resume that you can drum up people.

Your story should be above all consistent. If you have a sense of humor, do not write the official language. Scrupulosity is your middle name? Describe your accomplishments. Other values will be regarded  differently for an office worker and differently for an employee of beauty a salon. Keep this in mind.

It is worth noting that emailing your resume to random companies is not a good solution. If you finished higher education in economics and most of the CVs you send to a position not associated with Your education, for example for the position of a cook can get you no response and you will get upset. Unfortunately, in such case they will not choose you. The key to achieve excellent efficiency of the CV is to create appropriate address lists of potential employers. On the job market you are the seller. The product is your time and skills. It is difficult for you to sell your banking experience to pots producing company. You want to sell the pots? Delete in your CV economics skills and go to a related course production.

Good luck!