Staff recruitment

Ira Net – professional recruitment services

The offer for the recruitment and selection of candidates is always strictly dependent on what position you are looking employees for and therefore is individually designed. In the first place we always take into account your needs and possibilities.

Starting the recruitment process, depending on the job, we rely on a few basic steps:

  • Determining the Ideal Candidate Profile (Specification of position and the candidates personality profile)
  • Creating a search strategy of the Ideal Candidate
  • Search and selection of candidates (advertising campaigns on thematic websites and social networks, Ira-Net candidates database, direct search)
  • Pre-selection – Pre-screening
  • Competence interview (comprehensive assessment of the qualifications and abilities of the candidate)
  • The preparation of reports on the activities carried out and recommendations of selected candidates for the Client
  • Appointment interview of a candidate with the Client
  • Employment candidate at the Customer

To satisfy our customers we are responsible for each conducted recruitment project. For our services, we offer you a warranty period, which is determined individually depending on the type and specifications of the position which the recruitment process is run for. The guarantee applies to free of costs search of next candidate within the same recruitment process in case the first recommended candidate didn’t meet expectations of the Client.

The cost of services is always based on the principle of “Success Fee”. We not charge the Client in advance of commissioned recruitment project. We give you the opportunity to choose one of 3 different options of cooperation (Comprehensive Recruitment, Flexible Payment or Preparation for meetings – the most commonly used form of cooperation in the case of mass recruitment). Fees for services are always determined individually with each client, taking into account the type of selected form of cooperation, the progress of the recruitment process and the specifics of the position and the industry.

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