Hunter HRMS

Our services are supported by Hunter HRMS recruitment sofware system created by Niloosoft company. As the only recruitment agency in Poland we use and distribute this innovative sofware.

Ira Net sp. z o.o. uses the Hunter HRMS software to carry out recruitment and human resource management – the software which does not require additional installation on a hard drives and incurring related costs. All data are processed in the cloud computing where the recruitment database of both employees and employers is stored and then made available to users via the Internet while keeping to the highest safety standards. This means the elimination of the need to install and run an additional program on clients computers. The duties of management, updating and technical support rest on the software manufacturer, and the user choosing to use Hunter HRMS does not bear unnecessary costs connected with construction of infrastructure and IT facilities.

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Hunter HRMS is a multi-task tool for facilitating and accelerating recruitment activities:

  • In Hunter HRMS system all received applications together with attached CVs are automatically analyzed;
  • Required information about the candidate (personal data, contact information, education, professional experience) are taken from the file CV;
  • The analysis of CV is available for many file formats (.doc, .pdf, .rtf, and others)
  • The function “Automatic Hunter” automatically performs the analysis of received CVs;
  • Hunter HRMS is the only system that obtains experienced candidates through the LinkedIn social network – by connection to its database;

Management of the recruitment process using new technological solutions of Hunter HRMS software allows a HR manager not only to effectively communicate with candidates (CRM Customer Relationship Management), but it also makes it possible to track the status of candidates, both in relation to the global database of candidates as well as in relation to a particular recruitment process.

Hunter HRMS is the only system in Israel, which meets the most stringent safety standards. Many international corporations and organizations, due to the guarantee of safety has chosen Hunter HRMS. Hunter HRMS is currently used by many companies in the world in various language versions, including English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, Georgian.

More information about Hunter HRMS sofware is available on the developer official website: click here.

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